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Here are some questions that come up about the subject of metaphysics or Eschatology.

Here are some questions that come up about the subject of metaphysics or Eschatology.

How will Eschatology help me in my life?

If you want to enrich your life and understand that you are and make your individual destiny, the study of Eschatology will show you the way. You can unfold and recognize the goodness that you and everyone else is, which truly is yours by Nature, inherently. Through this study you will learn how to change your thinking and generate the life that you want. You don't dream it true; you create it.

How is Eschatology different from other “spiritual” paths, i.e., Course in Miracles, etc.?

Eschatology is a science, which means it can be proved, and the results repeated. The difference between this and other metaphysical studies is that Eschatology teaches that the individual’s mentality is the only cause for his or her health, his or her financial health, and his or her happiness (relationships with family, spouses, etc.).

What led William Walter to develop the teaching of Eschatology?

In the late 1800’s, William Walter found he had developed tuberculosis. He began to search for any known remedy for this illness, as well as utilizing prayer, to no avail. He was told to get his affairs in order. He decided to fight that verdict. He studied all established faiths in the world, Christian and non-Christian alike. At last, his wife Barbara suggested that he talk with a Christian Science practitioner. He met with the practitioner and was so interested that “he forgot to die.” He healed himself of the tuberculosis. From there he became a member of that Church and a healer or practitioner. Thereafter he founded “Eschatology – The Walter Method.” This story is outlined in much more interesting detail in “Five Years in Christian Science,” available in our bookstore.

Why does William Walter make reference to Jesus in relation to the Science of Eschatology, when he states that its teachings are fully non-sectarian in nature?

Mr. Walter refers to the teachings of Jesus in relation to Eschatology because this is how Mary Baker Eddy, the founder of Christian Science, based her teachings. Mr. Walter was part of the Christian Science Church for five years. He saw that there was a correlation between what Jesus was teaching and the science of mental healing. He believed that the Bible was a metaphysical treatise and that Jesus was showing everyone that what he accomplished was able to be accomplished by all.

The Science of Eschatology is non-sectarian when one knows that it doesn’t take a broad knowledge of Jesus or Biblical teachings to prove that one’s thought is causative. The individual can advance through their own study and demonstration without ever considering Jesus or his teaching.

How is the Science of Eschatology presented?

The Science of Eschatology is presented through progressive courses as outlined in William Walter’s Teaching Plan. The courses present, in a progressive way, how to reason deductively based on what is true about you. Through common sense explanations, the student is shown how and why Life itself is the fundamental Science that underlies all reality.

Each student is specifically taught how he can apply what he learns to resolve all types of difficulties or problems. This teaching is presented on an individual basis, so that any student could learn what the basic nature of Life is, how to rightly utilize its principles and processes, and why this all works as it does. Mr. Walter tested and proved every idea or concept he put forward.

How are the classes conducted?

Classes are normally held every week with a qualified teacher, either in a face-to-face class, or video conference (for example, Skype), or telephone. The number of students in each class is kept small enough to assure full participation by all. In this way, each one can have specific guidance in the application of what he is taught, so that he can improve or resolve any particular problem. A warm rapport usually develops quickly between the teacher and student, and among the classmates.

Most teachers also engage in other types of work activity and schedule certain times for regular once-a-week classes with their students. Class work is kept consistent through the use of uniform questions related to the assignment of the week.

For more information on obtaining a teacher, please email our Administrative office.

Does Eschatology have any organization, headquarters, or by-laws?

William Walter imposed no religious creeds or by-laws, nor organization requiring a membership, upon this scientific study of Eschatology, as he considered these as restricting and limiting to the individual’s progress in his gain of understanding. He only asked the sincere honest effort of any student, and a willingness to lay aside prior concepts and “opinions” and through reason, correct and change his way of thinking to that of the right thought explained by this Science.

Can I share the digital books that I’ve purchased?

If you purchase a digital version of any Eschatology storybook, textbook, or booklet, the “Law of honesty, justice, and goodness” prevails. To “pirate” or share your digital library with another, breaks this law. Also, it is “a mistaken kindness” to lend our printed works to the casual thinker because he will not exert the necessary effort to understand them.

Why are some of Mr. Walter’s books not sold to the public?

The books “The Sickle,” “The Primary Notes,” and “The Sharp Sickle” are deliberately not sold to the general public. Mr. Walter himself put this rule into place. He stated that the restricted works could only be obtained upon recommendation of one of his teachers. He was trying to ensure that those who purchased these texts had understood the foundational facts through studying the Preparatory Course. (The Common Sense or The Plain Talks). The only way to purchase any of these restricted texts is to be recommended by a teacher, who knows the individual’s thought has been properly prepared.

From a 1936 letter of Mr. Walter:

“The more advanced anyone feels he is, the more willing he is to start at the beginning of another’s works from which he could learn, so that not one small point of enlightenment or meaning could escape him. To you teachers, I say this: Here is your measure of a student: The more sincere and the more truly advanced an individual is the more humble he is before truth and the most teachable. Many will feel they are advanced enough to start with the Sharp Sickle, and they are sincere in this. Actually, if they were that advanced, they wouldn’t need my Sharp Sickle. To give the Sickle or Sharp Sickle to anyone who had not had the careful teaching of the work preceding them, and class teaching of what they contain, is a miscarriage of wisdom and robs the student of a true meaning of my works.

“Frankly the individual who wants the higher works without their full explanation as given in my class work, will gain only the letter and not the deep meaning. The only way I can keep the deep, unveiled truth from being again misinterpreted is to protect it by a system of class teaching and recommendation for the books to a few. These will value it enough to protect it also, thus ‘leavening the whole lump’.

Those of you who understand the wisdom of this will have the courage to abide by my plan.

“Those of you who have more zeal than understanding will give out Sickles and Sharp Sickles to many, feeling you do well, or give both Sickles at the same time, as some have felt could be done successfully. In fact, it is a great miscarriage of wisdom. It is my sincere hope not too many of them will be found gathering dust on shelves as a result.”

Where do I begin?

Eschatology, The Walter Method, is a science, the science of life. What does it mean that this study is a science? It means that it is Truth, with provable and repeatable results. Studying consists of learning the Truth and applying it through right thinking. The Walter Method consists of books and courses that explain the science, and having a teacher who can help with your progress.

  1. Explore the website, and download the free information.
  2. Purchase and read The Christ Way and/or Five Years in Christian Science written by Mr. Walter.
  3. Contact us to talk with a teacher to explain further the Walter Method of learning Eschatology.

What are the benefits of study?

Are you experiencing issues with health, lack of money, job, problems with relationship or children? Learning how to correct these issues and experiencing a better life are the benefits you can achieve with the study of Eschatology. Studying this Science teaches you to reason and apply what is really the truth of Life. Learning how to correctly reason about issues in your life is the way to health, success and happiness, here and now.

How is the Walter Method taught?

Mr. Walter left us with a set of courses and textbooks that can be applied through self-study, or by studying with a teacher. The courses start with the basic facts of Life, and teach the student how to reason and apply. The best way to begin is to engage a competent teacher to explain and direct your efforts to understanding. There is no set period of time that the courses take, and this really is a lifetime study.

To gain a practical understanding of the Science of Life, one must go about it in the same way that one would to gain a practical understanding of music or mathematics. The first requirement is books that deal plainly and correctly with the subject. Second: persistent self-application to the study of the books. Third: Through direct application, prove by right results obtained that one has grasped the understanding of the Science.

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